Why Learn
Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a powerful, open-source toolkit that enables you to build sophisticated web applications quickly.

Built in Ruby (a dynamic, object-oriented language), Ruby on Rails is a framework that provides a broad set of capabilities upon which you can build your web application:

  • It handles all the communication with the database, so you can deal with software objects and let the framework generate SQL.
  • It provides a template system for handling layouts and page sections, plus extensive facilities for form processing and Ajax updates.
  • There’s a wide range of plug-ins to quickly implement many features.

Ruby on Rails was designed to make the best use of your time, eliminate drudgery, and let you create great solutions with an agile, iterative approach.

There’s a tremendous demand for Ruby on Rails developers, so learning to build sites with Rails is a valuable step in your web development career, whether you’re building your skills as a freelancer or planning your next job move.

Audio Lessons

In less than three hours, these audio lessons will lead you through all the key concepts you need to know to begin working with Ruby on Rails.


Why Are We Doing This?

Why are we giving away this valuable material? We believe that many web developers could produce better sites and have more fun by using Ruby on Rails. And in the spirit of the open-source community, we want to make this introductory material widely available.

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Looking for a Powerful Hosted CMS?

The authors of the Learning Rails course also offer a very powerful hosted content management system for web designers, which enables you to build sophisticated, database-driven sites without programming. This is a great alternative to building a custom Ruby on Rails site for those applications for which you just can't justify the cost of a custom solution.

To learn more, sign up for the free Learning Webvanta course on building database-driven web sites without programming.


Course Authors

The Learning Rails Online Course is written and produced by Michael Slater and Christopher Haupt, who run BuildingWebApps.com and Webvanta, which provides a hosted CMS based on Ruby on Rails.

Michael Slater

Portrait of Michael Slater

Michael has been building web applications exclusively with Rails since the fall of 2006. He has led software development teams at Adobe and Fotiva and is a well-known speaker and author. During the years he ran the Microprocessor Report newsletter, Michael presented hundreds of seminars.

Christopher Haupt

Portrait of Christopher Haupt

Christopher has been developing Internet-related technology for more than 15 years. In addition to building Rails applications, he has deep experience in Java development, chat software, and other Internet applications. He was an Instructor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, taught internally at Adobe Systems, and has presented at RailsConf.


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